Welcome to DeWitt Family Law in Yorba Linda

Welcome to DeWitt Family Law in Yorba Linda

Welcome to DeWitt Family Law in Yorba LindaWelcome to DeWitt Family Law in Yorba LindaWelcome to DeWitt Family Law in Yorba Linda

Open to serve you during the Covid Pandemic

Legal Services have been designated by the State of California as an essential business. Accordingly, our offices remain open to service your needs and the needs of our existing clients. We are set up to do much of our business through the internet. In fact, all of our business activities can be done over the internet.

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About Us

Serving So Cal Since 1992

Serving So Cal Since 1992

Serving So Cal Since 1992


We have been providig Family Law representation for over 25 years. We know how the court system works. We have the passion and knowledge to get the job done. Our main office is located off the 91 freeway with easy access to the courts in the counties of Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino. Our newest location is in Arrowbear where we serve the mountain communities. DeWitt Family Law in Yorba Linda

All and only Family Law

Serving So Cal Since 1992

Serving So Cal Since 1992


We have always done Mediation, Adoption, Guardianship, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders, Legal Separation, Dissolution, Contempt, Enforcement of Support, and Property Division. We recently added estate planning. 

Free 1 hour Consultation

Serving So Cal Since 1992

Free 1 hour Consultation


Choosing an attorney is not unlike choosing a doctor. Knowledge and experience are important but mean very little if your attorney does not understand your specific needs. This is why we offer an initial free consultation. It provides the attorney and client an opportunity to discover their compatibility. It's free and confidential.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Free 1 hour Consultation


At DeWitt Family Law, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We provide efficient, honest family law representation that achieves remarkable results. Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that your case is in good hands. Often we can mediate a case with equitable results. Where settlement is not possible we will take your case to trial.

Our Record

Our Commitment

Our Record


Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We use the latest technologies to ensure up to the minute legal research and information. This allows us to present the most relevant and persuasive advocacy for your case.

Real Testimonials



"My divorce was the most difficult experience in my life. From day one, Steve walked me through the entire process. I am a detail person and appreciate knowing every angle and possibility. Steve was patient with me and took the time to explain my options and what to expect at every turn." D.B.

"What I appreciated most about your firm was your ability to connect with me at both a practical and spiritual level. You didn’t just meet my legal needs – you ministered to my soul. God taught me a lot about me throughout my case – having an attorney that would encourage me along the way is something I will always remember. It was a time when I needed to be nurtured – you and your office staff were kind, compassionate and respectful. Blessings to you Steve and to your staff."  D.W.                

"Unfortunately, this wasn’t my first divorce. While the outcome was important to me – what meant the most to me was that you returned my telephone calls and emails promptly. Your responses to my questions were thoughtful and strategic. In retrospect, the advice that you gave me saved me a ton of money – you really saved me from myself! Thanks Steve." M.S.         "Steve – you got me custody of my kids! What more can I say." S.C.

"I started my case with another attorney. After spending over $10,000.00 all I had to show for it was a huge bill. You took over my case and finished it quickly and for half of what I first paid and got nothing! I wish I had hired you to begin with." M. M.          

"Two events in our lives were the most memorable: The first was when we were married. The second was when we adopted our son. You made the adoption a beautiful process. I will never forget the tears in your eyes that day in court. It was like you were part of the family!" J.S.

"My wife and I had already agreed on how we wanted to settle our divorce. You took our agreement and processed it through the court with precision. Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism." J.K.               

"Our story is a little different. After you handled my divorce my wife and I remarried! I remember when we started the divorce you told me that it was important to extend courtesy to the other side and that this was something we would never regret. You were right! The way you treated the other attorney and my wife left the door open for our reconciliation. I get it! That's a lesson that has served us well ever since. It is so simple – be courteous. Thanks for everything!" M.S.

Co-Parenting during COVID


    You must follow an existing order until changed by the court. However, both parents have a duty to protect the children. Please use common sense and error on the side of safety. Quickly communicate with one another and confirm your safety plan with the other parent. Don't be the weakest link in the chain to protect your children. Remember that your choices will impact both households. If one parent is adhering to State and Federal guidelines the other parent must keep to the same standard of care for that effort to be effective. Demonstrate to your children that, as their parents, you can work together and that you have their best interest in mind. Be child centered - not self centered.  

    These are difficult and frustrating times for everyone. Information is changing all the time. I have put together some suggestions that may help you navigate the coming weeks.

     A. Child exchanges should occur at the regular places, as ordered, quickly, car to car. Have a copy of your order with you.

     B. Wash hands before and after exchanges.

     C. Social isolation is important. Avoid taking children out of the home. It is best for children to be in the care of a parent or family member to reduce transmission of the virus. 

     D. If childcare is necessary, consider using an available parent first, then resort to other family members before using non-family members for childcare. 

     E. Be flexible. Try to maintain the same routine in both homes. Work together to be sure that schoolwork and other normal routines are continued. 

     F. Notify the other parent if you suspect illness. 

     G. Provide the other parent an opportunity to opt out if receiving an ill child will place the receiving parents’ household at risk (considering risk factors in the household such as elderly or immune compromised individuals). 

     H. If your co-parent tests positive for COVID-19 while they have custody of your children, everyone (both households) involved must be quarantined for a 14-day period. 

     I. Consider not caring for the children if you are ill. It is likely that it is just a matter of time before rolls are reversed. 

     J. Communicate frequently and often. Maintain lines of communication and utilize video conferencing when possible. Read books to your children via Skype or Facetime. 

     K. Come up with a plan if you or your children become ill (see below).

     L. If you make changes to your parenting plan to accommodate responses to the pandemic, understand that this is temporary and do not use this incident to create a new “best interest” argument to use against that other parent in court. We suggest that modifications expire after one week and be re-evaluated week to week. 

Making a Temporary Emergency Parenting Plan

     Temporary parenting plans focus on short-term needs and lay out an alternate parenting plan in extenuating circumstances. A temporary parenting plan should be outlined in an agreed-upon format and documented.

Possible situations to consider:

     A. What to do if your child gets sick and must stay home from school.

     B. What will happen if either parent loses their job and how to deal with financial hardships that may follow.

     C. If schools and childcare options are not available for an extended period.

     D. If you, your child, or anyone in your immediate family is immunocompromised.

     E. Determine which parent will pay for medical costs that could arise during COVID-19.

     F. Travel restrictions that inhibit plans or make it impossible for parents to exchange custody.

     G. How often parents and children should be in contact each day.

     H. How you and your co-parent will communicate regarding the temporary parenting plan or modified custody situation.


If you need assistance, please call our office. 714-692-2000. I would be happy to host a video conference call with you and the other parent to help facilitate a temporary solution. 

Steve DeWitt